+ Q. Can I use one account for all sites?

Yes ! you can. Once you registered the member at one of our sites. You could access all the sites without needing to register again. It's also correct with your Premium member.

Just register Premium one time and feel free to use at all sites below:


+ Q. Can I change the registered premium plan?

Now we haven't supported to change the registered premium plan. Please check your selected plan carefully.

+ Q. Can I get a refund?

You CANNOT get a refund if the system automatically renews your premium subscription plan since you haven't cancelled it before the due date.

In other cases in which you would like to get a refund, please contact us via our Customer Support email address Please clearly mention the following information:
- the reason why you would like to get a refund
- your email address used for your currently premium plan
- the last four digits of your Credit Card which has been used for any purchase at our sites

Thank you for your cooperation.

+ Q. Can I use images in my products and sell them?

Please refer to our Usage Guides for details.

+ Q. How to cancel a premium plan?

Before canceling your Premium membership, please read carefully this note:

If you cancel your Premium Membership now, you will immediately return to a Free Member. Please note that even if there are days until the renewal date, the Premium Membership will not be available,

If you read carefully and still would like to cancel, please click this button below:

Thank you for registering Premium Member.
+ Q. How to receive an invoice?

After purchasing successfully, the invoice will be sent automatically into your mailbox. In case you don't receive, please contact us at

+ Q. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. You can pay via Credit card.

+ Q. Do I need a contract for each site?

Currently, if you apply for premium membership service at one of the sites illustAC, photoAC silhouetteAC or templateAC you are certified as a premium member for 4 sites with one contract.

+ Q. Is a premium plan automatically renewed?

Your registered plan will renew automatically unless you cancel this option. To cancel the automatic renovation of your plan and avoid future non-desired payments you must cancel your premium plan from your user's profile.

Should any further questions arise, please feel free to contact us via truly appreciate your support.
Should any further questions arise, please feel free to contact us